Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why no cash out.

If you are a TE member you canot cash out. As a PTC member you can cash out.

As a PTC member can i earn from TE members and vice versa

Yes if you are a PTC member and your DR or RR are TE members you will still earn your commission per click and vice versa.

Is it possible to make money from PTC Crazy

There is a potential to make money from this site but its done indirectly. Every person you that clicks on your advertisment link and signs up will now make you money through that site.

Just think the next time one of your other sites run a referral contest. Simply come here use the ptsu and drive your DR numbers up.

If i upgrade to the PTC platform what happens to my balances, credits and referrals

1. Unfortuantly because of the way the TE members earn at a higher rate than PTC members. All balances are reset to zero when you upgrade to the PTC platform.


2. All dredits earned for Ads, PTSU etc are also reset to zero. However all current ads PTSU etc you have running will stay active till they run out of credits. This means you can still ad more credits to keep them alive but you will need to purchase them.


3. At upgrade all rented referals will be rest,however you get to keep all the direct referrals you have. You brought them to the site so you should get to keep them.

As a PTC member can i earn from TE members

Yes as a PTC member you still earn commission from TE members the amount you earn is not as high as a TE member but is inline with normal PTC earnings. But because TE members will be clicking ads alotmore your commisions should be greater than usal PTC sites.